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August 21, 2013 by Dayo Benson

ImageI am very pleased to share the cover of my upcoming book with you. As usual, it was designed by my lovely husband and I absolutely love it. He really is a genius.

I’m currently editing the manuscript. My editor came back with lots of things for me to change or at least look closely at and I have to reduce the wordcount by 25%. This is so painful because I slaved over every word and now I have to remove chunks that I slaved over (arrgh!!!). But I know it’s for the best. I hate editing my work though. Writing is the fun part. Editing is too much like work.

The unedited synopsis of the book is:

David Steel is living the perfect life, now that he’s sworn off women. Hard work and long hours are all the companion he needs. Until Noémi comes crashing into his life and disturbs his steady equilibrium.

Noémi Casson has booked herself on a sexual healing retreat after struggling in silence for fifteen years. She’s done her best to contain herself, but it was just a matter of time before she gave in to her demons. Giving in was easy, and even felt right—at the time. It’s the aftermath that is painful.

David is convinced that his love is all the healing Noémi needs.

Noémi is convinced that David must be delusional.

As Noémi allows God to work on her, she begins to see herself and her problems in a new light. But just when all seems to be going well the unthinkable happens and Noémi’s private sin becomes public knowledge. Noémi doesn’t know whether to focus on saving her relationship with David or saving herself. It’s all she can do to stay sane!

Let me introduce you to some of the characters:

Noémi Casson – the main character of the novel is a child abuse survivor. She’s seeking healing as her scars run deep. She meets David and isn’t sure whether to take a chance on him since he’s so obviously out of her league.

David Steel – David tries to be patient and accommodating with Noémi, but how much can he take? He loves her but her self-hatred continually gets in the way.

Aaron Cass – Aaron is a temptation that Noémi has fallen for before and he’s out to floor her again.

Kadeigh Lovell – Kadeigh attends the same healing retreat that Noémi attends. She’s feisty and outspoken and she whips Noémi into shape near the end of the book.

Rita Moorcroft – Rita is Noémi’s best friend but Noémi is forced to reevaluate their friendship when she gets into trouble and Rita gives her some dubious advice.

On a completely different note, here’s a picture of the pretty little addition to our family, Esther Shola ImageBenson. She was born last week and she’s adorable. Me, my husband and our other daughter, Rhema, are absolutely smitten with her 🙂

Anyway, I better get back to editing xx


  1. Mzswags says:

    I absolutely cannot wait to read this book, it sounds really exciting. And Awww she looks so cute and peaceful, Congratulations xxx

  2. LadyMay says:

    Mrs B @ it again! The book sounds really interesting, well done sis xx.

  3. Olusola says:

    Congrats, Dayo. She’s a cute one. And thumbs up for the hardwork writing and editing whilst taking care of a baby. A daunting task.

  4. sha1omm says:

    Cannot wait for this SERIOUSLY. Read all your books. God bless your little angel.

  5. Dayo Benson says:

    Thanks 🙂 Hope you like the new book as much as the others.

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  7. Mzswags says:

    I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Check out for the rest.

  8. Dayo, your new baby is gorgeous. I am “listening” to your book on my kindle fire (Raw Deal) and I really like the honesty and realism. I’m at the part when she is in New York and is about to start modeling for lingerie. Anyway, I love the book cover for Lust, so I thought I would comment. The concept intrigues me, and back when I wrote a book similar to it I had to cut 25,000 words, too. OUCH! If you like to read at all I have a story called Letting Go about a former child beauty queen who is recovering from childhood sexual abuse and struggling with healing while she is working on a case with a single dad (she is a lawyer for abused kids and sexy without even trying.) Anyway, thought you might enjoy it because she is similar to Lexi in her spiritual quest. I have over twenty books total and it looks like you have quite a growing collection. I plan on buying yours (and since I never buy books because I am a top Amazon reviewer and publishers send them to me for free whenever I want them, that is quite a compliment!) I did get Raw Deal Free, so the “free” strategy worked at luring me in to want to read the rest. It’s Red Carpet next and I think I will also get Prodigal for now.

    • Dayo Benson says:

      Hi Michelle, I just checked your books on Amazon. You have lots!!! And they all look really good. You are now on my ‘to-read’ list. I’ll let you know when I’ve read one. I don’t know which one I’ll start with. It’ll be either ‘letting go’ or ‘in plain sight’. I just found your email address so will send you a message now. God bless.

      • Hey there, if you want to read In Plain Sight, then start with Danger at the Door since the heroine shows up in that book first. You can see what she’s like when she first escapes from that psycho gypsy boyfriend, then reading In Plain Sight makes even more sense.

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