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Help! Stuck with Book Cover.


August 15, 2014 by Dayo Benson

pressure coverSo, Pressure (Book 4 of my Pure Passion Series) has been sitting withing my laptop doing nothing for weeks, because for some reason we can’t get the book cover right.

I wrote a blog post at the beginning of June about how I was struggling with finishing the book. Well, like a week later, I finished it. And that was while also writing book 1 in another series that follows on from my Beauty for Ashes series. So The book has been finished for a while. But the book doesn’t ‘work’.

I suggested to my husband that he uses an image of an orange being squeezed, but he said that was too typical of ‘pressure’ and that we should think of something else. Well, we’ve been thinking for over a month now and can’t seem to come up with something. So guys, I need your help. Any ideas on an image to use?

By the way, I did a Guest Post on author Ava Bleu’s website today. Check it out.

Many Blessings xx


  1. That’s a hard one! I’m not having any other ideas either except for the orange!

    • Dayo Benson says:

      Yeah, same here. It’s a hard one :-/

      • susi says:

        Do I need to be familiar with the book before making a suggestion?
        What about something with steam, like a pressure cooker? Or a stress ball.. not the one with the biggie eyes though! Or something stretched, like a rubber band or bursting water balloon?

        • Dayo Benson says:

          Hey Susi, no you don’t need to be familiar with the book. Thanks for your suggestions. They’re really good. I like the balloon one. I think we might try that one out 🙂

  2. Olusola says:

    A red apple can work since red is often synonymous with passion.

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