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Big Sigh – Update on Secrets (Crystal 6)


August 31, 2015 by Dayo Benson

sighYes, as I sat down to write this post I sighed heavily. Because I feel really bad. Secrets was supposed to be out in August. Today is August 31st. As at Friday I was still optimistic that it would be ready, but it’s not. I guess I could release it as it is, but I’m not happy to do that. I need to feel confident as I push the button on Amazon that I’m putting out the best product I can.

I feel really bad for the people who message me almost weekly asking when the next Crystal book will be out, so I’m going to add a little bonus to the book as a sort of ‘thank you for being so patient.’ You’ll find out what it is when I release the book. It’s just a little extra to say thank you.

Bear with me guys. Things happen. You go to the hospital for a routine check up and get told you’re not allowed to leave and need an urgent x-ray and then they make you stay overnight and stab you with needles (yes, that happened to me last week on the day I arranged to be off work so that I could focus on putting the finishing touches to Secrets. I’m fine though, thanks for asking 🙂 ), editors get busy moving house and can’t work on your book as fast as they usually do (yes, that happened this month too), beta readers hate elements of the story and you have to rethink everything (ha, ha, I love my beta readers. I used to be very thin-skinned but they’ve toughened me up).

Life is all fun and games isn’t it? How on earth do people do it without God? That’s what I was wondering as I sat grumpily on a hospital bed a few days ago. As soon as the doctors told me they weren’t letting me leave I just began to pray on all the scriptures I could find about health and healing. And then I wondered what people who don’t have God do. If they’re Juda I guess they try to heal themself, ha ha. If they’re Alejandro I guess they call up a woman. Can’t really think what Max would do.

secrets5So…it’ll be a few more days before Secrets hits the virtual shelves at all the online retailers. But I hope the bonus I’m going to slip into the book will make it easier for you to forgive that 🙂 Make sure you’re on my new release list so that you get an email alert as soon as it’s out. Join my list by Clicking Here.

By the way, some people have already pretty much guessed what Juda’s secret is. I didn’t approve their comments on this site so that they don’t ruin the story for those of you who haven’t guessed. What do you think Juda’s secret it?

God bless.


  1. Courtney says:

    Firstly Dayo I pray a speedy recovery for you, and that God strengthens both you and your family. Your health comes first and foremost. We as your avid readers understand that life happens. Please do not feel we are let down or disappointed. I may be chomping at the bit for your next installment of the Crystal series like so many others but you must take care of you. Secondly I need to apologize as I am probably one of the readers you were referencing that took a guess at Juda’s secret. I thought all message were sent to you and if you felt it was a comment that may be beneficial to other readers you published it. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for other readers. I just found it wild that I had read Delirium and a passage had me wonder about what things Juda might be holding back. At the time I didn’t know you were going to do more in the series. As this message is getting a little long I will end it by wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

    • Dayo Benson says:

      Hey Courtney, I was actually just going to email you to explain why I didn’t post your other comment, lol. You were very close, but I’ll say no more. Thanks for all your kind words. I’m fine. I know my readers are a reasonable bunch, which is all the more reason you all deserve a bonus for waiting longer 🙂 It’ll be out soon. God bless xx

  2. Olusola says:

    Hi Dayo. You come first so I pray healing for every part of your body. Rest and take care of you. We’ll read ‘Secrets’ whenever it comes out. Take care.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Dayo any news on when Dangerous enemies is out. No pressure. Lol

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