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Out Now: Secrets (Crystal 6)


September 3, 2015 by Dayo Benson

secrets5Guys, it’s finally out!!! If you’ve enjoyed the previous books in the Crystal series you won’t want to miss this one.

Here are the links: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Smashwords.

It’ll be on Kobo, Barnes & Noble and all the other retailers soon.

In case you’ve missed my earlier posts with the book description, here it is again:

Two unlikely people. An undeniable passion. A devastating secret.

Two passions consume Crystal: vengeance over the SOT, and love for Juda. Nothing may ever come of either.

Juda feels connected to Crystal in a way he has never felt with anyone before. But a devastating secret holds him back. Crystal may be the most forgiving person he’s ever known, but even she would never forgive him if she finds out what he did.

Some things are best kept secret.

But can he live with himself if he doesn’t tell her?

Here are the links again: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Smashwords.

Hope you enjoy it.

God bless.


  1. Anthea says:

    Beautiful read, its so amazing how the events tie in to actual occurrences in the world. The SOT just goes by illuminati instead. I enjoyed reading from Judah’s perspective I think he’s so precious and I look forward to his conversion. Well done Dayo, more inspiration and God speed in Jesus’ name. Amen

  2. Dee says:

    Hi Dayo
    Delightful reading…I am so looking forward and hoping for Juda’s conversion. I realize his struggle – he has been indoctrinated from a child…I appreciate how you have capture the slow changes in the beliefs that has been engrained in him. I just love love love me some Juda…and I really looking forward to the next stage in his journey…are you currently working on Sleeper? Any idea when it will be available? Blessings!

    • Dayo Benson says:

      Ahh, Dee, thank you. Glad you love you some Juda, ha ha. Sleeper is in the process of being prepared for publication. It’s written, it just needs tearing apart by my beta readers and then editing & cover design. I’ll try and get it out as soon as I can. Thanks.

  3. Sarah says:

    When will you be releasing Sleepers(Crystal 7)? I have enjoyed your books so much! I just started reading them last Wednesday evening(excluding 1st&2nd), and have already read to the last “short” story! I just can’t seem to put them down. πŸ™‚

    I finished “Secrets” last night and got all excited when I realized it wasn’t the last one. I just love the suspense and mixed in romance. I also love how in some ways it can really relate to our fallen world/culture today. Along with the unseen spiritual battles going on around us. It’s awful how we actually do see celebrities/singers(…etc…) that publically give their souls to the devil for fame and power.. πŸ™
    But on a more positive note, thanks for making some great, exciting, Christian novels!! & keep up the great work, you’re a talented author! πŸ™‚

    • Dayo Benson says:

      Wow, you read fast! I don’t have a release date for Sleeper. I don’t give dates anymore because I always miss them, but it will be a few weeks. It’s going to my editor on Monday, so it just depends on how long it takes her. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. They’re intense, and the spiritual aspects require a certain kind of reader. I’m glad there are people out there who appreciate them, lol. Thanks for all your kind words πŸ™‚

  4. emily says:

    please, if you have gotten crystal 5&6,I really need it,I don’t have money to get it myself,my mail, oooooo
    God bless…

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