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Thank You/Kids Grow Up Too Fast


September 14, 2015 by Dayo Benson

Thank You

Secrets no.1

So Secrets hung out at number 1 in its category for like five days, making this girl a very happy author. Then it started fluctuating between number 1 and number 3. I checked on it yesterday and it was back to number 1 again. But it dropped off after like an hour. By the way, I’m talking about Amazon UK. I’m actually selling a lot more books on Amazon US, but not hitting the number 1 spot because it’s just more competitive there. So thank you to both my UK and US readers (I still have a problem with the word ‘fans’ ha ha).

Kids Grow Up Too Fast

20150907_114910Last week was special for me for other reasons apart from stalking myself on Amazon 🙂 My daughter started school. I feel slightly tearful as I write this. (I was never an emotional person until I had kids. Now I cry over TV adverts and singers on Britain’s Got Talent, lol)

Rhema’s four (and, yes, she’s as cheeky as she looks). I remember the day she was born. It feels like yesterday, but it also does feel like a long time ago. Anyhow, I can’t believe she’s started school now. She was so excited. She felt so grown up in her school uniform. For some reason she was disappointed that her uniform doesn’t have wings (huh?) but I convinced her that although ‘uniform’ and ‘unicorn’ sound similar they have nothing in common. Uniforms most certainly don’t come with wings.

20150907_122242I was both excited and nervous. Tried not to look nervous so that I wouldn’t rub off on her. I was praying she’d be fine, praying she’d make good friends, praying she wouldn’t come home and tell me she didn’t like it and never wants to go back again. Of course, I was worrying for nothing because she was absolutely fine, and she even wanted to go to school on Saturday.

20150808_175957My other daughter, Esther, only turned two last month. But I’m already thinking about her first day of school now. They grow up too fast, don’t they?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Dayo. Secrets was such a lovely read. Your girls are beautiful! Haven’t had children yet but I certainly agree that they grow up so fast. My younger siblings are. My little sister is already a senior in high school but I can still remember when she started three years ago! It’s such a pleasure to watch them grow!

  2. Courtney says:

    Adorable! My sons are 6 and 3 and growing everyday. I look at my oldest and think to myself “he looks like a real boy now, he isn’t a baby anymore”. I am sure you have similar moments as well. Your oldest seems to have an amazing personality already and your youngest is simply adorable. Plan on having anymore?

    • Dayo Benson says:

      More? I really don’t know. I used to want 4. But that was before having even one and knowing how much it all entails 🙂
      At age 6 your son must be getting pretty independent. I definitely have those moments every time they do something for themselves that I always used to do for them. They don’t stay babies for long, do they?
      Thanks for your comment, Courtney xx

  3. Shauna says:

    Hey dayo
    I was just wondering if you had a date set for sleeper.
    My teacher from last year her son just started school and she burst out in tears after dropping him off so you’re not the only one.

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