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Out Now: Sleeper (Crystal 7)


November 17, 2015 by Dayo Benson

First of all, I have to mention what happened in Paris on Friday. It’s devastating, and I pray that God comforts all who are bereaved 🙁

On to some happier news, Sleeper (Crystal 7) is out! Get your copy at: Amazon UKAmazon US & Smashwords (Coming soon to B&N, ITunes & Kobo).

sleeperBefore You Read Sleeper – You need to read Exposé. There was a link to it inside Secrets. If you didn’t download it you can do so here. Sleeper talks about an important list of names, but you won’t know anything about that unless you read Exposé.

Here’s the back cover blurb for Sleeper:

Have you ever loved a man who was bad for you?

Crystal knew all along that loving Juda was foolish. Something has to give. Either Juda changes or there is no hope.

The more Juda fights his father’s organization alongside Crystal, the more he’s drawn to her and the faith that he has seen defeat his father’s occultism. But he cannot change. He has done too much and gone too far.

When Crystal is in danger of being killed by an assassin that Luke has sent after all the notable Christians in the country, Juda is desperate to keep her safe. But he sinks into oblivion each night when the assassin strikes.

It soon becomes clear that Luke is pulling out all the stops to get Juda back. Juda’s options are limited. Either he goes deeper into the occult to save both himself and Crystal from Luke’s plans, or he loses everything.

Crystal thinks there is a third option, but becoming a Christian is not an option for Juda. God doesn’t want people like Juda. And when Crystal finds out his secret, she won’t either.

Juda has to make a choice.

The biggest choice of his life.

What will he do?

I have literally been getting bombarded for the release of Sleeper 🙂 It started almost as soon as I published Secrets (Crystal 6). I think I got the first few messages asking about Sleeper the day after Secrets was released. A few people had stayed up all night and read Secrets & Exposé and immediately wanted more. I’m loving how much people are enjoying this series. And it’s all kinds of people that are enjoying it, older people, young people, men, people from all over the world. The best thing about it is talking to readers from other countries e.g. South Africa, the Caribbean, America, India, and many more places. I’ve even had a Costa Rican lady get in touch to put me straight about some of the things Alejandro (our beloved womanizing Costa Rican fashion designer) says. The Crystal series is 9 books long, so I’m really glad we’ve gotten to book 7 and so many people are still invested in the story.

Sleeper is a make-or-break book for Juda. In Secrets, Luke and Abha did something to him, but he didn’t know what. He finds out in this book. But is it too late when he finds out? Also, he didn’t tell Crystal his secret in the last book. Will he have the courage to tell her in Sleeper? And then President Hounslow sent them that message at the end of Secrets, asking the team to do something shocking. Will they pull it off?

Get your copy today and find out: Amazon UKAmazon US & Smashwords .


  1. I have two things to say:
    (1) Yes, pray for Paris! Extremely saddened by what happened over there.
    (2) Dayo, you are awesome! I can’t wait to read “Sleeper”. So many writers think that Christian fiction books have to be boring, but I love how yours are always edgy and exciting 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    Finished Sleeper already and can’t wait for the next book to come out! Love this series. I’m going to have to reread the whole thing after book 9 comes out (I read books 1-6.5 and Lexi’s series within a couple weeks). Thanks for all your hard work on these books!

  3. Danusha says:

    Hi. I just love love love your writing. I finished Sleeper already and cannot wait for the next book. Keep up the amazing writing

  4. iluvneball1 says:

    1) Yes. Let’s keep praying for the families of those who died in Paris.
    2) When I found out that sleeper and expose were out I was over the moon. Can’t wait to read them. keep writing and never stop

    Amy xx

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