Beauty for Ashes Series

Red Carpet

Red Carpet is the second instalment of my Beauty for Ashes Series. I finished writing it last month, and it’s the first time I’ve written a book and didn’t put it through at least months and months of redrafting. I was actually happy with it when I was done, which is a first for me, lol!

I wrote this book because I wanted to portray the vulnerable state that most people are in. As Christians we tend to forget that people are people. Sometimes, I think that if we could approach evangelism from a caring, relational stance we’d be less scared of it. Evangelism is basically about loving people. Lexi Dixon is someone that appears ‘together’ and that looks like she ‘has it all’ so it would be easy for her Christian friends to just leave her and think she’s fine. Lexi isn’t fine, and she seriously needs God, but she’s not going to be receptive to Him if no one takes the time to maintain a relationship with her and draw her to Jesus bit by bit. Obviously not everyone needs this approach. I guess there are some people who need fire and brimstone (lol), some people are on their death bed and there’s no time to draw them to Christ bit by bit. So yeah, what I’m saying isn’t a one-size-fits-all, fool-proof mechanism, but it’s what some people, the Lexi Dixons of this world, need. Because most people are vulnerable and have deep-rooted pain that they smile through in order to look like they’re okay.

I love Monica’s role in this story because she plays the friend who although she is now a Christian and doesn’t want to be ‘best friends’ with Lexi (because of the whole ‘can two walk together except they be agreed’ thing) remains accessible to Lexi, and helps her out a lot. Monica has also decided that she isn’t going to ram the gospel down Lexi’s throat anymore, she’s just going to be there for her. I love Jace in this story too because he’s a little obnoxious sometimes.

New characters that I’ve introduced (who aren’t in Raw Deal) include hip hop singer Kyle Martins, supermodel Simone Rivers, and Lexi’s grandmother. There are others, but those three are the main ones.

Red Carpet is now available for download on Amazon. I had great feedback for Raw Deal, so I hope the feedback for this is even better. Personally, I am loving the cover, which my gorgeous husband designed. Anyway the synopsis is:

Lexi Dixon has gone from wallowing over the raw deal that she believed was her lot in life to living her red carpet dreams. She’s opening fashion shows for top designers at fashion week, doing photo shoots at exotic locations, and enduring three hours of makeup for ten-minute public appearances. She’s the talk of Tinsel town—for both good and bad reasons. But her life is not all glitz and glamor. 

Between all the lies in the papers, the crazy Paparazzi that keep following her, and her own personal issues, Lexi is sure she’s going to lose it, and it’s not going to be pretty when she does!

A shocking revelation about her father, a rival model who seems bent on sabotaging Lexi’s career, and a bizarre experience with a secret society cause Lexi to slow down to a pace where maybe she can look inward, and perhaps even upward!

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