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Book Review: Letting Go by Michelle Sutton

I haven’t done a book review for a while so I thought it’s about time I got my act together. This week I finished reading Letting Go by Michelle Sutton. I’ve only just discovered Michelle’s books. I have my favourite authors and I usually just stick to them because I know I won’t be disappointed, but I’m so glad I gave Michelle a chance. She’s edgy and very real. She doesn’t tread soft at all. But she still manages not to be yucky or embarrassing, if you know what I mean. She covers sensitive issues with taste.

I haven’t reviewed a book on Amazon for a while, but immediately I finished reading ‘Letting Go’, I got onto Amazon because it just had to be reviewed. So I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and paste my Amazon review below:

I don’t even know where to begin. This story was so beautiful. Diane went through so much pain and heartbreak, it was horrible. I just couldn’t wait for things to start getting better for her.
Her relationship with Dave is sweet and real. The author didn’t gloss over anything but was so real about how a Christian couple can struggle to stay pure. I loved that because it ain’t always easy!!!

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I loved Diane’s road to healing. I loved Dave’s character and his insecurities. I loved Joleen, who wasn’t meant to be liked but I liked her anyway because I felt like Diane met her match a little with her. Anyway, at the beginning of the book I couldn’t wait for Diane and Dave to meet because I wanted to see how on earth Diane would go from where she was at to being able to have a healthy relationship. I wasn’t disappointed. It was so sweet.

I’m glad I have discovered this author because life isn’t always rainbows and kittens like a lot of Christian fiction portrays it. If you want realism and a story about how God brings healing and beauty out of brokenness then read this book.

Here’s the official book synopsis:

Sometimes for dreams to come true, you have to let go . . .

Outwardly Diane Simmons appears to have everything a woman could want. A successful attorney, she’s beautiful and talented, and yet she always seems to be attracted to the wrong men. Longing to be loved for who she is, not for what she looks like, she finally realizes the world’s view of love is totally unrealistic and distorted and gives up on romance. She wants to find a better way but has no clue where to look.

Dave Passel can never father a biological child. He loves his foster son deeply, but something goes terribly wrong before the adoption can be finalized. When the State tries to reunite the child with the birth mother he has never known and the new caseworker accuses Dave of sabotaging visits with her, he hires Diane to fight for him in court. He believes in God’s sovereignty, but bad experiences with his late wife make it hard for him to trust Diane as she advocates for his son. If only he didn’t struggle so much with letting go . . .

Final Words: If you’re going to read the book, give it a chance as Michelle builds it up for a few chapters first, setting the scene. David and Diane don’t meet for a while. But all the build up is necessary.

God bless xx