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Christmas Book – Out Now!!!


My new book is a Christmas-themed novella. It’s an achievement for me because it’s something I have wanted to do for a few years. Last year I managed to draft a plot, but something was missing and I didn’t know what. I didn’t know how to begin the novel. I wasn’t used to writing from two points of view, I couldn’t get anything about it to ‘work’. I tried again this year and kept getting stuck – nearly gave up – but all of a sudden something just clicked and in like two weeks it was written. So never give up guys. Keep trying until you succeed 🙂 It’s a short story (about 100 pages). I tend to overwrite so I’m amazed that I managed not to do that this time. Here’s the synopsis:

‘Tis the season of love and understanding…

Last Christmas, Robyn Kellett was distraught because her fiancé broke up with her. This Christmas promises to be even worse as Chad Ryder, the man she loved as a naïve eighteen-year old, resurfaces with an invitation to come to a university reunion in Blackpool. Robyn’s only hope of having a merry Christmas is the mysterious man she talks to every night online. They have a date for Christmas Eve, and Robyn hopes he’s as perfect in real life as he seems on the Internet.

Chad Ryder needs Robyn to come to Blackpool. It’s the only chance he has to win her heart before she finds out that the man she’s been falling in love with online for the past six months is none other than him.

At Blackpool, Robyn is infuriated by all of Chad’s efforts to win her heart, and Chad is frustrated with her constant resistance. As Christmas Eve draws near, Chad hopes for forgiveness for his deception, and Robyn hopes for the man of her dreams. Will either of them get what they want?

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Hope you’re all ready for Christmas. My daughter, Rhema, actually knows what Christmas is this year (she’s two) so I’m thinking of ways to make it special for her and also let her know the true meaning. Fifteen days to go…