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Is Poetry a Dying Art?

Poetry is like…almost non-existent these days. Most poetry that gets any publicity was written hundreds of years ago. New poetry gets little publicity. And it’s pretty sad. I like poetry. I enjoy nicely rhyming verses and have even contributed poems to a Mother’s day anthology (I don’t know what became of the anthology so don’t ask). Yet, I wouldn’t personally buy a poetry book unless it was a gift for someone else or a friend wrote it and I wanted to support them. For me, poetry is more effective alongside something else like music, or a novel e.g. I included poems at the end of each beauty for ashes novel that summarised Lexi’s journey/growth in that novel, and I think it was pretty effective. It gave those books some added uniqueness.

However, poetry doesn’t come all that natural to me. It’s usually pretty painful for me to write them because each word needs squeezing out, whereas with writing fiction they just flow freely.

Anyway, I said no more tidbits about my next book, Bondage, but maybe I’ll give one more tidbit. Bondage is about a poet and a songwriter, so naturally I had to write poems and songs to accompany the book. I could have just been lazy and said ‘he wrote a poem’ and ‘she wrote a song’ but I wanted to push myself so I actually wrote the stuff and inserted them into the book. And I’m gonna treat you to a sneak preview of one of the poems. In the book, Savannah is training for a freestyle poetry competition and here is her shot at freestyle poetry (which is just standing up and saying whatever comes to mind and hoping it rhymes):


Not very uplifting, I know, but it summarises Savannah’s outlook. And I think more people should write poetry so that it doesn’t die out. Seriously, I actually sit and ponder things like ‘what if poetry dies out.’ And the thought sucks. So I plan to write more poetry, and put them in my books.

God bless x