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The Wait is Over!!!

bondage cover 1First of all, I need to apologise because Bondage was supposed to be out in March. But everything took longer than usual. I was back and forth with my editor, then I realised that the book cover didn’t suit the book and had to get my husband to design a new one. It was so funny because I loved the original cover, but the more I looked at it, the more I realised that it wasn’t the right cover for Bondage. Rather, it belonged to Purity (Book 3 in the Pure Passion Series, which I will do a blog post about soon). So anyway, that’s fixed now and I’m so pleased with the new cover.

So guys, check BondageĀ out. It’s on Amazon. It’ll get on Smashwords and Kobo over the next week. I’m willing to give out free copies in exchange for reviews so if you’re interested in that, email me (dayo.benson@ymail.com).

Bondage is quite different to my previous books, so as you read give it a chance. It takes some time to warm up, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Also, I’ve added something at the back of the book where you can submit your email address and sign up to get updates about my forthcoming books the day they get released, so make sure to sign-up.

Blessings xx