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Book Update/Cover Reveal: Allies (Crystal 4)

Hi Everyone,

Quick update on what I’m doing and why I’ve been so quiet blogging-wise:

I’m Currently Writing: Sleeper (Crystal 7).

I’ve flown through the writing stage for most of the books in Crystal’s series, but this one is taking me longer than necessary. I’m on my third week writing it. I should be able to finish it by Saturday. Sometimes I forget how early on in the series my readers are, because obviously I know what’s going to happen a lot further down the line, and when people contact me about the series I have to remind myself that they’ve only read books 1 – 3 and not give away any spoilers. I really can’t wait to get the whole series out for everyone to read it all. I think it’s pretty fun and exciting, but had deep spiritual messages too. I was worried I wouldn’t do it justice before I started the series, but I’m pretty proud of how it’s turning out.

I’m Currently Editing: Allies (Crystal 4)

Allies_500x750I’m hoping this will be out on 1st May. Fingers crossed/pray for me. I’m trying hard to get it ready by then. Here’s the unofficial/unedited synopsis–I don’t think it’s going to change:

Crystal never wanted anyone to get hurt…

But her team of ex-SOT rebels was dealt a near-fatal blow after their first assignment. It’s been two weeks and Crystal still cannot push away the pain of her team’s devastating loss until the support of a business coalition and news of new havoc that the SOT is wreaking in the country rekindles her hunger for the SOT’s downfall.

Crystal never wanted to fall for Juda…

Between masterminding missions and infiltrating nefarious meetings, Crystal doesn’t have time for her strange attraction to Juda. He’s not the right guy for her, and he never will be. But sometimes, it seems fighting the SOT is much easier than fighting her conflicted feelings for Juda.

All she wants is to find a weak spot in the SOT, see them crumble, and then get back to living a normal life. But nothing is ever straightforward. Is it?

***I had such a ball writing this book 🙂 ***

Random Info

I am doing really badly with my New Year’s reasolutions. One of them was to cut down on sugar, but I’m even worse than usual now, eating sweets all the time. Today I bought a pack of 15 macaroons (I’ve never bought macaroons before today!!!) and I’ve eaten 7 already. I can’t believe myself. I hope you’re doing better with your resolutions than I am. Not really sure why I felt the need to share that. I guess it’s bugging me, lol.


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God bless,

Dayo x