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Out Now: Allies (Crystal 4)

Allies_500x750Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited, Allies (Crystal 4) is out now. You can get it at: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Kobo & SmashwordsIt’ll be available at iTunes, B&N and all those other places soon. If you would like a free review copy email me at

Just to refresh your memory, something terrible happened at the end of Insurrection (Crystal 3). How will the team recover? Will they continue or will they split up?

There have been a few hitches on the way to getting this one published so I’m so happy it’s finally out. I just emailed everyone on my new release list to let them know. This is the fourteenth book I have published but there is still some apprehension about sharing it with the world. I wonder if that apprehension will ever go away. It’s like I’ve been nurturing the book for months in the secure womb of my laptop, but now it has been born and anyone can read it and judge it. We writers are a funny bunch. We want to be bestselling authors but at the same time we’re scared to share our work. My husband doesn’t understand why I get embarrassed and walk away whenever he starts telling people that I’m a writer. I’m proud of my work, but at the same time it’s just hard and complicated. Other writers will know what I mean 🙂

By the way, I think I have finally worked out what category this Crystal series fits into. I think it’s Christian Paranormal Romance. Or Christian Supernatural Romance. For some reason I prefer the word ‘Supernatural’ to the word ‘Paranormal’. But I haven’t read any paranormal or supernatural fiction books so I’m not certain about this. I’m still working it out. I had the series categorized as Christian fantasy as I have read some science fiction/fantasy books and they have lots of supernatural things in them. Who knew that categorizing your own book could be so hard!

Anyway, here’s the book description:

Crystal never wanted anyone to get hurt…
But her team of ex-SOT rebels was dealt a near-fatal blow after their first assignment. It’s been two weeks and Crystal still cannot push away the pain of her team’s devastating loss until the support of a business coalition and news of new havoc that the SOT is wreaking in the country rekindles her hunger for the SOT’s downfall.

Crystal never wanted to fall for Juda…
Between masterminding missions and infiltrating nefarious meetings, Crystal doesn’t have time for her strange attraction to Juda. He’s not the right guy for her, and he never will be. But sometimes, it seems fighting the SOT is much easier than fighting her conflicted feelings for Juda.

All she wants is to find a weak spot in the SOT, see them crumble, and then get back to living a normal life. But nothing is ever straightforward. Is it?

Amazon UK, Amazon US, Kobo & Smashwords.

As always, I love to hear from readers so let me know what you think if you read it.

Dayo xx