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Survey: What do you want to read next?

confused cartoon downloadGuys, I’ve been working on my 2016 books, and I just have too many ideas; it’s hard to decide what to do. I’m praying about what projects to focus on in 2016, and I would also like some feedback from you about what you would like to read next. I’ve thrown together a questionnaire, and I would so much appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete it. There are only 9 questions.

Please click here to access the survey.

Thank you in advance for your response 🙂

And thank you for taking Sleeper to no. 1 in its category on Amazon UK and no. 3 in its category on Amazon US. I’m totally overwhelmed 🙂

Quick update, I’m working on editing Powerful Enemies (Crystal 8). It’s a long book, the longest of the series so far, so I know I have to cut it down and sharpen the prose. I also have a 7.5 book called ‘Wedding Kidnap’ which I will be releasing in a week or two. After Powerful Enemies will come Legacy (Crystal 9) and that will be the end for the Crystal Series. I’ve had a blast writing the books and I’m so glad many of you are enjoying them.

After I finished writing the Beauty for Ashes series, I felt a little sad at saying ‘bye’ to those characters, but I was mostly relieved. I was sick of the books because Raw Deal had been on my laptop for six years, as had rough outlines for Red Carpet and Refiner’s fire. I’d read Raw Deal over and over for six years before publishing it. I really wanted to move on to new books and characters. With the Crystal series, the idea was in my mind for a few years before I started writing it last year, but it was pretty vague until I started writing. Because I only started writing the series last year, the series and characters still feel new-ish to me. I feel like I could easily write another ten books about them. But I have other characters in my mind too, whose stories I want to tell, and other ideas I want to explore.

I’m still trying to work out my ‘author brand’ and determine where I fit in the marketplace. My books are all too different from each other. I have both romance and supernatural suspense books; books about adults and YA/NA books; books with white main characters and books with black main characters. At the moment I just categorize my books on a book-by-book basis.

I guess, I just like the freedom of writing about whoever and whatever I want. I’m an independent author, so why not? If I had a publisher there is no way I could write the Beauty for Ashes Series and then follow it with the Pure Passion Series. Neither would I be able to write sweet romance and then follow it with a series about a cult. Only the biggest authors are allowed to genre-hop, and even then, not very much.

Anyway, I’m thinking about my brand so that readers know what to expect from me. A lot of my readers are so sweet and have followed me as I’ve genre-hopped all over the place, but I want to settle down now, enough playing the literary field (ha ha). I want people to know what to expect when they pick up a book by me. Denise Hunter has been my favorite author for a while, probably because she writes sweet romances that relax me. I can’t read anything too suspenseful while I’m writing suspenseful books myself. It’ll be suspense overload. I know what to expect from Denise Hunter. I know what to expect from Francine Rivers. With most authors you know what to expect. I’d be completely shocked if I opened a Denise Hunter book and there were angels in it? If I wanted angels I’d go to Frank Peretti. So, I think brand is important. I’m praying about it. I wonder if my brand can be that I have no brand, and that I’m unpredictable, lol.

Please don’t forget to complete my short survey. Here’s the link again.

Have a great week.