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Out Now: Powerful Enemies (Crystal 8)

Powerful EnemiesIt’s finally out folks. I’m so excited. Having read the book one last time myself last week, I realized there’s a lot of fire in it, ha ha. Just thought you’d like that random fact. So expect fire, angels, a kidnap and even Jesus (yay!) Plus, you finally get an answer to the will they/won’t they relationship between Crystal and Juda.

From the back cover:

Love shouldn’t be so hard…

Juda’s secret has the potential to change everything. Crystal knows that whichever choice she makes, it won’t be easy. She must decide whether the pain of his secret is greater than the pain of letting him go. Either way there will be pain.

Freedom should be a right…

But Luke doesn’t think so. As violence, destruction, and death take over the nation, the powers-that-be turn to Crystal and her team for help. But is this battle too big for them?

The past two years have presented challenge after challenge for Crystal. However, she is determined to see things through to the bitter end. Luke is powerful, but there is One more powerful than he. Right now, He is their only hope.

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Apologies to all my Nook readers. I published to Barnes and Noble the same time as all the other stores, but it’s still not up yet. Should be there soon though.

There’s one book left in this series (phew!). It’s tentatively titled ‘Legacy’. I’m off to start editing it now because I’ve already had an email asking when it’s going to be out, and I know that more of such emails will be coming over the next few days.

Happy reading guys, God bless, and remember: we serve an awesome God 🙂

Dayo xx