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The Runaway

The Runaway (The Lincolns 3)

The next book I’ll be releasing is called ‘The Runaway’ and I kind of wish I didn’t have to have a back cover blurb for this book, because if people read the blurb before they read The Model, which is the previous book, it’ll ruin part of The Model for them. I think.

Anyway, I can’t not have a blurb so here it is (it’s a pretty long one):

How do you keep a new faith when your own brother would kill you if he ever found out?

By faking death! At least that’s what Junior Lincoln decides to do. As the youngest of the twelve Lincolns, and being full brothers with Jared, he knows that his new faith will never go anywhere if he doesn’t do something. With assistance from the FBI he assumes a new identity and relocates to a small town.

His aim is to lay low, blend in and finish his college degree. But if he wanted to do that he shouldn’t have taken a job as a relationship counselor, fondly known by the townsfolk as the Love Doctor. He shouldn’t have let himself fall for his first client. And most of all, he should have made sure it never got out that he’s an ex-practitioner.

How do you make your child’s father marry you?

Hazel Robbins, desperate to make Nate fall in love with her so that their daughter will have a better childhood than she had, turns to Junior, aka the Love Doctor, for help. But as they spend time together their ‘practice dates’ begin to feel like the real thing.

When paranormal activity begins to sweep across the college campus, Hazel and the other students look to Junior for help. He’s the only one who seems to know what to do about it, and his prayers work.

But can Junior continue to depend on God when his life is suddenly in danger, or will he turn to the craft that he’s so used to relying on?

And can Hazel and Junior have a happy ending if she finds out his true identity?


I just sent The Runaway to my editor and beta readers, so I’m hoping to get it out before Christmas, but we’ll see. I initially had it scheduled for January but I think before Christmas should be doable.

In the meantime, my husband made my weekend last weekend because he revamped some of the Crystal series covers. Here they are:

And these two have just been tweaked a little bit.

This is what they used to look like:

secrets5 sleeper Powerful Enemies

expose Wedding Kidnap

What do you think? I definitely prefer the new covers. I can’t wait to get these books into paperback now, just so I can see these covers in ‘real life’ lol.

Anyhoo, I’m going to take a short break from the Lincolns series in Jan or Feb and release book 1 of a brand new trilogy. I’ll tell you more about it when I have a book cover for it. But it’s not a thriller, or supernatural. It’s new adult romance/family drama. I’m currently working through the feedback my beta readers have given me about it. I feel pretty blessed that you guys don’t mind my genre-hopping 🙂

God bless & have a good weekend.

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Out Now: The Model (The Lincolns 2)

The Model: A Christian Romance (The Lincolns Book 2) by [Benson, Dayo]The Model is book number 25 for me (I think) so you’d think I’d stop getting excited about release days, but I haven’t. I’m so excited it’s unbelievable 🙂

Get your copy at: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords.

The Model is Ash Lincoln’s book and he was a blast to write about. The Lincoln boys are supposed to be real bad boys, but only a few of them are really actually bad. Most of them are sensitive deep thinkers who despite their wealth and success aren’t really happy and want more out of life.

Keltie, our leading lady, challenges Ash and pushes him to exasperation with her unwillingness to give in to a second date or open up to him. She’s perfect for his inflated ego and her faith makes him question his own beliefs.

Here’s the synopsis again:

He’s in love. She’s just doing her job.
Or is she?

The first rule of undercover work is not to fall for the guy you’re investigating. The second rule is not to continue working on a case that your boss has taken off you. FBI Special Agent, Keltie Nicolls, has broken both.

After one undercover date with hot new model, Ash Lincoln—a man who is as dangerous as he is attractive—Keltie decides she doesn’t have the strength to withstand his lethal brand of appeal. But backing out is not an option because Ash is like a sleeping lion that she has disturbed. She is his prey. And he seems bent on catching her.

His methods are intense.
His love is passionate.
But his worldview is toxic.

Can she guard her heart or will she be consumed?


I’m just wrapping up the next Lincoln book, which is called The Runaway. And, in my opinion, it’s even better than The Model because the brother in The Runaway is already a Christian and he’s getting to grips with all the changes in his life 🙂 You can tell I love writing this stuff.

Here are the links for The Model again: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords.

As ever, let me know what you think once you finish reading The Model.