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2 Books Coming Soon

You guys know that whenever I’m quiet on the blog it’s because I’m super focused on writing and getting books ready for release. This month I’ll be releasing 2 books 🙂

The Bet (The Dare 2)

If your mom was having an affair would you tell your dad?

My mom is supposed to be the perfect Christian, but she’s a hypocrite, and it’s eating me up inside. Is staying quiet about it the right thing to do, or is my silence consent? Her disappearance is tearing my dad apart. He deserves to know that the woman he’s so worried about is a liar and a cheat. But do I have the guts to tell him?

Watching Sloane’s life unravel isn’t easy. And it makes it even harder for me to stay away from her despite her saying we’re over. We don’t have to be defined by our parents’ mistakes, but Sloane seems to be on autopilot on the highway to self-destruction. And I don’t know how to help her.

Preorder now: Amazon UK, Amazon US (coming soon to all other stores)

The Record Boss (The Lincolns 4)

How far should you go for success?
Starlet, Andie Rose, knows a lot about the dark side of the music industry. She’s happy to use this knowledge to her advantage until things start to spiral beyond her control.

How far should you go for love?
Nigel Lincoln has been drawn to Andie since the day he set eyes on her at an audition, but he’s her manager, so there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.
When danger comes knocking on Andie’s door, Nigel decides to intervene, but it may be at his own expense.

True love is sacrificial, but if it came down to it, could he really lay down his life for her?

Preorder now: Amazon UK, Amazon US (coming soon to all other stores)

Both books are coming out March 16th.

I’ll post more info about each of them before they release.

God bless.