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About The Chef (The Lincolns 7)/Update on Daily Bible Reading

Hello, lovelies!

So, last week I posted the book cover for the next Lincoln book, The Chef, on all my social media platforms. It’s fabulous, isn’t it? Now, I want to give you some information about the book. Unfortunately, I don’t have a release date yet because I’ve just sent it to my editor and she is really busy at the moment so she won’t be able to get it edited as fast as she usually does, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

About Locke Lincoln

He’s the brother who got saved along with Ash in The Model. He’s the third to last of the 12 brothers (after him are Solomon and then Junior). He moved out of the Lincoln mansion with Ash when they both got saved, but then moved back in when Rebel and Taye became Christians, because the whole plan was to try and influence the non-Christian brothers rather than deserting them. You saw plenty of him in The Physician, locking horns with Jared and being a kind of spiritual mentor to Rebel and Taye.

He was fun to write about because being one of the youngest brothers he’s pretty naive and trusting.  He was extremely close to Junior and is dealing with pretty bad depression over Junior’s death. His depression causes him to make some reckless decisions in this book.

About Lilah Luckett

She’s a thief, a practitioner from early childhood and a coven slave. And she wants to escape. She will do anything to get her freedom, even manipulate Locke. Her full name is Delilah–go figure 🙂

You guys will have to tell me which heroine is your favourite so far so that I know which type of heroine is resonating with you. Here’s a list of all the heroine’s so far. I really want your opinion:

  1. Ivy (Saul – and Jared, kind of) – The Lincoln Manifesto
  2. Calcy (Jared) – The Lincoln Manifesto
  3. Keltie (Ash) – The Model
  4. Hazel (Junior) – The Runaway
  5. Andie (Nigel) – The Record Boss
  6. Kara (Taye) – The Designer
  7. Daisy (Rebel) – The Physician

Anyway, here’s the back cover blurb for The Chef. It could very well change since it hasn’t been edited yet and I’m awaiting feedback on it.

From the Back Cover

Lilah Luckett was promised a protector.

As a coven slave, Lilah is desperate for freedom. The only way that can happen is if a practitioner more powerful than her master takes her under his wing.

Enter, the enchanting Locke Lincoln.

His surfer dude good looks are enough to make any girl crave shelter in his arms, but he’s more than just a pretty face; he also has the power to be Lilah’s protector. But how does Lilah get his attention?

Locke Lincoln is looking for distraction.

Locke’s younger brother was the closest friend he ever had. Now that he’s dead, Locke’s life is in turmoil. When Lilah shows up, offering fun in Vegas and an escape from reality, Locke is game.

Neither of them have any idea what is about to happen.

Locke seems perfect, but he’s far from it. He is fighting dark forces that want him to continue his father’s evil agenda. It seems becoming a Christian means nothing when blood covenants have been made and oaths taken.

Then Lilah’s past catches up with her and all her careful plans begin to crumble.

Will Locke be able to escape the clutches of his father’s legacy?

And once he works out that Lilah is just using him, will he fight for her or let her die?


The Chef spans the time from the end of The Model to a few months after The Physician, so I had to think really hard about how to show that time has passed. At the beginning of the book Junior has just ‘died’ and none of the brothers are Christians and by the end everyone who became Christians in subsequent books are Christian. I hope I’m making sense, ha ha.


For those of you who have been looking out for my daily Bible reading videos, I owe you a huge apology. In the below video I explain what’s going on:

God bless 🙂 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to let me know which of the Lincoln series heroines you like best xx