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Double Release!!!

Hi guys,

I’m so excited today, because not only is it release day, but I’ve decided to do a double release!!! Hooked is out, which is awesome but you already knew it was coming out. However… Falling (Paradise Lost 2) is also out. It was ready so I thought ‘why not?’ and pushed the button.

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So, guys, you can grab both Hooked and Falling today and binge binge binge. For those of you who hate Mondays, I hope this brightens your day 🙂

You guys know absolutely nothing about Falling. You didn’t even know that book 2 was going to be called Falling. You haven’t even seen the cover until now (isn’t it awesome 🙂 )

I’m not going to give any info about Falling because you need to just read Hooked first. Then after Hooked, you can read the back cover blurb for Falling and find out everything you need to know before reading it.

In case you’ve missed them, I’ve written two blog posts about Hooked:

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I’m super excited to hear your feedback on these books. It’s a new challenge for me to write a serial so I chose a storyline that I knew I could write passionately about. It follows the struggles of two preacher’s kids who have turned their back on God and are completely broken. Do they ever find their way back???

Here’s the back cover blurb from book 1, Hooked:

Two messed up preacher’s kids. One reckless decision. Zero chance of survival.

Katie Clarke has been disillusioned with God and religion for years—ever since her father, a small-town preacher, fell from grace. But meeting Hudson, the son of a famous mega preacher, makes her wonder whether Hudson will be the tool God uses to restore her faith. However, she soon discovers that he is even more messed up than she is.

A decision Katie should never have made lands her in a shocking situation with Hudson that gives her some insight into just how damaged he is. She can see the pain, but she doesn’t know what has caused it. More importantly, she doesn’t know whether, by sticking around, they will help to heal each other or just feed off each other’s pain.

Hudson is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Adonis but there is darkness beneath his beauty.

And his warning to her ‘get away from me before I taint you’ rings loudly in her ears.

Is she already too intrigued to save herself from him?

A story of brokenness, healing, and God’s mercy.

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Happy reading 😉