The Lincolns

Out Now: The Assassin (The Lincolns 10)

Hi guys,

I’ve emerged from my writing cave to release a new book 💃💃💃

It’s sooo good to be back publishing again.

If you follow me on social media you already know about this book. If you don’t I guess this is a nice surprise 🙂 🙂

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The Assassin

He’s written his suicide note and loaded his gun…when the doorbell rings.

It’s one of those door-to-door preachers.

But this one is a woman.

And she’s smokin’ hot…

She wants to help. She thinks Jesus can wave a magic wand—metaphorically speaking—and everything will be better. And the crazy thing is, he believes her.

She’s the kind of woman most men don’t even bother to wish for and he’ll do anything to keep her from slipping between his fingers. Including hide who he truly is.

She has no idea about the waking nightmare he’s living.

Until his masters show him her picture as his next target.

Can Salem and Rae survive the danger that is headed their way?

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Facts about Salem:

– he has barely spoken in the previous nine books of the series
– his brothers think he’s depressed and incapable of doing anything for himself
– he’s secretly way more powerful than any of his brothers imagine
– his secret wish is to find a Christian woman who will ‘save’ him from his waking nightmare (like so many of his brothers have)

I hope you enjoy it.

God bless xx

P.S. Props to my husband for designing such a great cover 🥰🥰