Out Now: The Televangelist (The Lincolns 12)

Hi guys,

If you’re on my mailing list you already know that my latest book, The Televangelist, hit the shelves today.

I’m so excited about this one. It’s Hades Lincoln’s story. Many of you have been intrigued by his plans to become a false preacher. Well, now you get to finally read all about it.

Get your copy here @ Amazon

His shadow is healing the sick and America is going wild.

Nobody knows he is healing with the power of a dark craft.

And nobody knows the price he’s paying in secret.


This is book 12 in my Lincolns series. I can hardly believe that so many of you have followed along with me on such a long series. I feel so blessed.

There’s only one Lincoln brother to write about after The Televangelist. That’s Jared. His book is already available for pre-order here.

Once I’ve wrapped up the Lincolns I’ll get back to my Saints and Sinner series. Many of you have been asking when I’m going to complete that series. The answer is: it’s next on the agenda. Thanks for your patience 😊.

Here’s the Amazon link for the Televangelist again.

I hope you enjoy it ❤️❤️

Dayo xx