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New Book!!! Blurred Vision

bv3I am pleased to announce that the second, and last, installment of Drew Ashley’s story is now available. It’s called Blurred Vision. Let me know what you think when you’ve read it.

I’m so excited to have completed another project. Writing about Drew has been so different from other main characters I have written about. I feel that Drew has been the most ‘normal’ of the bunch although she’s not really all that normal with her ability to see visions. Dana was very rebellious and Lexi was very resistant to God. I guess Drew’s defining traits are her female empowerment views and her ambitious personality.

Drew grows a lot in this book. You get to find out what happens with Kale (does she forgive him after the Gordon incident???), Harvey (does she like him or not???), and Drew’s friendship with Jazz (do they make up or hate each other forever???). You also get to find out who killed Travis. If you work out ‘whodunit’ before it’s revealed I want to know, lol.

Hope you enjoy reading Drew’s story xx

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Drew Ashley Series

Brand New Book Available

breakingpointDrumroll please…Breaking Point is now on sale!!! I am so excited to introduce you all to the opinionated, determined Drew Ashley. Teen readers, sorry this is not a teen book, but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway. I’ve been wondering what category it is because it’s not young adult and it’s not proper adult either. Well I’ve found it belongs to the New Adult category. It’s pretty chicklit-ish too, with a crime/suspense element to it.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s every girl’s dream to find Mr Right, but what happens when there are two candidates who fit that description? Drew Ashley finds herself torn between the logical safe choice and what her heart really wants.

Drew experiences the ultimate heart break when she finds out that both men have secrets. She is forced to do some rethinking, especially since she has a secret of her own. A secret that she has never shared with anybody: she sees visions!

Add a zany mother and a series of shocking crimes to the mix, and things are bound to go slightly off-kilter.

Breaking Point is Christian Chick Lit with an edge!

You can buy it here. Don’t forget to post a review on Amazon after you read it, to tell the world what you think, whether you liked it, hated it, or are indifferent.

God bless xx

Drew Ashley Series

Book Cover for Breaking Point!!!


Finally…my new book has a book cover. I absolutely love it! I think it portrays what kind of book it is as I’ve taken a break from the world of teenage angst and drama, and written a chicklit novel. Personally, I’m not really into Chicklit as a genre as it always seems to be about young women who eat way too much junk food and slug back insane amounts of coffee. I love junk food and coffee but when all a character does for 60% of a book is drink coffee and eat, it gets annoying. I have read some great Chicklit and indeed Christian Chicklit though. Anyway, rant over.

So, this book is called Breaking Point and is about a twenty-something woman, Drew Ashley, who lives in London. It’s Chicklit with a twist because it incorporates a bit of suspense (as some shocking crimes take place) and a little about spiritual gifts (as Drew sees vision). And it wouldn’t be a Dayo Benson book if it didn’t include some sappy romance 🙂 The book is in it’s final round of editing so it should be out soon. Watch this space…

Drew Ashley Series


Drew Ashley is not as easy to write about as Lexi Dixon. In fact, I’ve considered doing something to her like changing her name or her love interest, or her personality to make the ride a little smoother for me. She’s so hard to write and I’m really not sure why.

Anyway, I’m taking it very slow because I know that reading a book is an investment. It’s time that the reader can never get back, and I really do the respect your time, which is why I really don’t want to put out a book that I am not confident in. Anyway, I’m going to post the first chapter soon.

Actually, I’m seriously considering not even publishing it. Maybe I’ll just post a chapter a week on my blog. Dunno. I might feel better about the book tomorrow. Ya know? Joy come in the morning and all that…

By the way, no the blond woman isn’t me. She only represents how I feel right now.