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New Book – Purity – Available Now

ImageWell, I was considering holding Purity book back until the next book in the Pure Passion Series is ready, so that I can publish them both at the same time. But Purity was just sitting there on my computer, ready, doing nothing, and I felt kinda sorry for it. So it’s out. Check it out on Amazon UK, Amazon US & Smashwords. It’ll be on Kobo soon. They take a bit longer to process things.

Anyway, guys I need a favour. I’m trying to get Lust to be free on Amazon. Which is impossible, unless it’s free elsewhere and then Amazon might decide to price match. So here’s where you come in. If you would kindly Click Here and go on the Amazon page for Lust, and click ‘Tell us about a lower price’ which is about halfway down the page. You want to select ‘website (online), paste the following url into the ‘url’ field:


And report the price as 0.00.

I would be very grateful if you could do that. In fact, email me or leave a comment below to let me know. As anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows, I’m pretty openhanded with my books so you can have a free book in return.

Blessings xx

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Upcoming Book: Purity

ImageThis book announcement is so overdue, especially since I finished writing this book in February. I was dying to tell you all about it back then (It’s called Purity, by the way), but since Bondage was the next book in line, it seemed like a good idea to just stick with talking about that.

Purity is the third book in my Pure Passion Series. It took me twenty-three days to write, a writing record for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to write future books that fast. The cover was originally meant for Bondage, but it suits Purity much better. I’m so glad I switched them around.

Purity is basically an interracial love story about a girl who has stayed pure and a guy who hasn’t and how they work out their relationship. I had so much fun writing it. It’s a lot simpler than Lust and Bondage, but it’s very close to my heart as I got to write some things that I’m very passionate about personally.

I’m a youth leader/mentor at my church (although I did take a break for a few months because I had a baby—incidentally I resume my duties today), and I try my best to encourage young people to stay pure. Not just because it’s one of those things we have to believe in as Christians, but because I personally believe in it. It’s God’s best for us. Sex is a gift. It binds you to another person. Which is a good thing if you’re married and not so good if you’re not, as when you eventually do get married, you’ll need God to unbind you from previous lovers so that you can bind to your husband/wife (and that’s just one of the reasons!). But the emphasis of the book is more on heart purity than whether you have an intact hymen or not.

Anyway, before I start preaching (lol), here’s the unofficial synopsis:

Harper has always believed that love is worth waiting for. Can Caleb show her that it is also worth fighting for?

Harper’s reputation is cleaner than a whistle, and she always wondered why people couldn’t just say no to temptation until she met big, brooding Caleb.

Caleb paints all women with the same brush he paints his cheating mother who had an affair and left, devastating his father and meaning Caleb had to grow up too quickly. Surely Harper is the same.

After a disastrous first date, Harper is angry—mainly at herself for breaking her no dating rule, especially for a guy like Caleb. She’d like to just avoid him for the rest of her life, but they are signed up for the same summer mission which means six weeks of fake smiles.

Regardless of the awful date, something keeps drawing them together, and neither of them have the strength to fight it.

But, four years ago, Harper had an experience that changed her perspective on life and rocked the foundation of her faith—something she is keeping from Caleb. And then a shocking revelation about Caleb shows that their pasts are entwined in the most devastating manner, and Harper isn’t sure she can overlook it.

As they were both raised by single fathers, compatibility is something they have strong opinions about. It’s what ensures a great marriage, right? Same faith, same world-view. Same race?

As they battle these tough questions, Harper decides that maybe they’re better off apart.

And Caleb decides that she’s wrong.

Purity is a story of love and acceptance that will go straight to your heart.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to release Purity over the next couple of weeks, or whether I’ll hold back and release it alongside the next book in the series which is tentatively titled ‘Pressure’. I’ve almost finished writing Pressure so I think it’d be good to release them together. What do you think?

Have a fab Sunday xx

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Cravings & A Quote

plumsHi everyone,

I’ve been really busy the last few weeks with writing and preparing for our new baby which is due very soon (can’t wait!). I went for my graduation last week and it was fabulous apart from the fact that my daughter wouldn’t stop acting up and it was really embarrassing. It was a hot day and I think she was just sick of the heat. There was also the fact that my mum and dad came with us and she knows she can get away with anything around them. Oh, well. I really enjoyed the day, but it wasn’t easy with my huge bump. And my constant thirst for ice-cold water. And constant cravings for plums. Seriously, the picture above is making me hungry…

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share a quote with you. I came across it when I was doing some research for the next book, which I actually finished writing last week (woohoo!!!). The book is about a woman who goes on a healing retreat to connect with God and learn how to overcome the things that have happened to her in the past. It’s tentatively titled ‘lust’ although that might change because it’s a bit ‘in your face,’ lol. I’ll do a post introducing the book and the main characters soon. Anyway, here’s the quote (it’s long but makes so much sense):

“Lust is not the result of an overactive sex drive; it is not a biological phenomenon or the by-product of our glands. If it were, then it could be satisfied with a sexual experience, like a glass of water quenches thirst or a good meal satisfies appetite. But the more we attempt to appease our lust, the more demanding it becomes. There is simply not enough erotica in the world to satisfy lust’s insatiable appetite. When we deny our lustful obsessions, we are not repressing a legitimate drive. We are putting to death an aberration. Lust is to the gift of sex what cancer is to a normal cell. Therefore, we deny it, not in order to become sexless saints, but in order to be fully alive to God, which includes the full and uninhibited expression of our sexual being within the God-given context of marriage.” – Richard Exley, quoted in Homemade, Vol. 13, No. 9, September, 1989.

He says it much better than I ever could so I might just pop this at the beginning of the book. I think the quote is spot on. What do you think?

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Moving on to New Books

ImageMay was a busy month!!! My brother got married (yay!) and I had to submit my Masters dissertation. I am so glad I have finally finished writing my dissertation. Now I can get back to the kind of writing that I really love!!!

Now that I’m done with Drew Ashley I am working on a new book about a girl who thinks she is a sex addict!!! She was abused as a child and engaged in all kinds of destructive behaviour as a coping mechanism, but even as an adult she is finding that she still struggles. The book starts with her as an adult and she has booked herself into a sexual healing retreat where she is hoping to find restoration. It sounds bizarre, I know. My husband just shakes his head when I tell him the plots for my books. Understandably so.

It’s also a love story, but I don’t want to give too much away. I love the hero in the this book. He’s understanding and accommodating, and all the things that a wounded woman needs. Obviously their relationship is not going to be all smooth sailing and there are a few twists.

My prayer right now is that I write this book in a way that does it justice, because I really do love the story. I guess that’s every writer’s concern. It’s one thing to have a good storyline, but how you deliver it is equally as important. I struggled with writing this one at first because I have only ever written in the first person, but this book is in the third person. Also, I have only ever written from one point of view, but this book is from two points of view so it’s been a bit tough getting to grips with writing differently. But I think I’m cool with it now. One good thing is that it’s set in England so I don’t have to research another culture.

I can’t wait to finish writing it and see what you all think.

God bless xx


My Love (Wait For You)

I think this poem is absolutely beautiful. The wait is worth it. Enjoy xx


No matter what is said, I wait

I wait for you, my love

I don’t know your name or when we’ll meet

I wait for you, my love

Some will laugh and others scold

Perhaps some understand

Purity is precious and deserving

Of protection from evils of man

And so I wait, day after day

For the appointed time we’ll meet

Until that day, my heart is God’s

Within Him, buried deep

From before the first second of time

God has known you and me

Giving us gifts of integrity and chastity

In temptation, the promise of peace

Let no man stain

What God has washed white

Let no woman break

The fortress of the mind

My love, I do not know you yet

But I pray for you day and night

That your mind will be on things pure

Just, holy and right

Be strong in the Lord

Find rest in His book

Flee from temptation

Don’t take a second look

And as I wait for you

Will you wait for me?

Don’t settle for a little

When His will is everything

Some people think I’m crazy

That I save myself for you

But is it really so bad

To fight for what is true?

My heart is buried deep in God

I wait for you, my love

If you want me, you’ll go to Him

I wait for you, my love

by http://officialkaileymarie.wordpress.com: My Love (Wait For You).