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Out Now: Unholy Ground (Saints & Sinners 3)

Hey guys,

Happy New Year!! I hope your first two weeks of 2019 have been awesome 🙂

So, my first book of the year is out today: Unholy Ground (Saints and Sinners 3).

Get your copy: Amazon UK | Amazon US | All other Amazon storesB&N | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords.

I’m super excited because this is the book in which Chloe and Colby actually get into the Saints and Sinners mansion and the competition begins. If you’ve been following the series, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been following you have so much catching up to do!!!

From the Back Cover

Saints and Sinners is a reality TV show like none other…

Chloe: What happens when you take a sheltered Christian girl and lock her in a house with a random mix of self-professing sinners?

Especially when one of those sinners is Colby Carter, a man whose soulful brown eyes have tripped me up before.

The whole aim of the show is to ‘turn good girls bad and make nice boys nasty’. But I’m determined to stand strong and do Christians everywhere proud. Any kind of failure will not only get me evicted but will lock me in a personal prison of shame.

That cannot happen.

Colby: They think I’m just a dirty sinner. They don’t know I’m simply trying to survive.

Saints and Sinners is supposed to be my ticket to freedom. But the danger I’m trying to escape follows me into the competition.

It seems I’ll never get free.

I never used to care so much about freedom, or cleaning up my life. But now I have an incentive. She has an electric smile and a penchant for inserting ‘Jesus’ into every other sentence.

But my enemies are close.

Maybe, for me, freedom will only ever be an illusion.

A captivating Christian romance series from Amazon Bestselling author Dayo Benson.


I can’t wait for you guys to read this book and see what happens. Here are the links again: Amazon UK | Amazon US | All other Amazon storesB&N | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Dayo x

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Out Now: City of Angels (Saints & Sinners 2)

Hey guys,

City of Angels released today!!! Get your copy:

Amazon UK; Amazon US; Amazon CA; Amazon AU; B&N; iBooks; Kobo; Smashwords

I’m so excited about this book and about this series because it’s so different from your usual Christian fiction. I keep telling myself that I need to write ‘typical’ Christian fiction and stop being so on the edge/different, but I can’t seem to help myself. I honestly lose all passion for writing when I try to censor myself or write in a certain ‘more acceptable way’. In the end I always circle back to being me. I’m glad I’ve found a community of readers who like my ‘different’ books.

I like to keep it real and this series is going to be very real. I’m building up to something pretty big with these books. Bombshells are coming; huge revelations that will test the limits of the main characters.

But before we get there, Chloe needs to grow a backbone and Colby needs to take a stand with his bosses. That’s what City of Angels is all about.

From The Back Cover

How do you choose between dangerous freedom and peaceful slavery?

Chloe: Imagine the worst thing that could happen to you. And then multiply it by ten!

Somehow, my family has found out about Colby, and the shame of what I did is unbearable.

Mom orders me to return home and she puts me through bootcamp: all-night prayer meetings, bible lectures from Nana, the works.

Now, I no longer trust myself.

Can the girl who made such a horrendous mistake just last week really be hearing from God this week?

And would God really tell her to go to LA to participate in a reality TV show?

Mom and Nana think not.

Colby will be in the show. We’ll be locked in a mansion for a month with a bunch of other people. I’ll be out in the world all on my own with nobody to keep me in check.

I should stick to the safety of what I’ve always known. Maybe I should even marry the pastor dude that my family wants me to marry. But I think I’m going to listen to these stirrings in my soul.

I risk embarrassing myself and angering the people who love me.

But it’s possible that this could be the beginning of an exciting adventure with God.

Colby: What I fear most is exactly what I need.

I didn’t expect that one week with Chloe to mean so much. Neither did I expect her rejection to hurt this bad.

What she discovered about me is just the tip of the iceberg. She has no idea just how crazy things really are.

But things are going to change.

The dread of my family finding out what I do has kept me in captivity this long.

I’m done hiding.

It’s time to break free.

If Chloe and Colby can just make it to LA, everything might change.

Get your copy now: Amazon UK; Amazon US; Amazon CA; Amazon AU; B&N; iBooks; Kobo; Smashwords


Coming Soon

The Player (The Lincolns 9)releases on December 9th. This is Solomon Lincolns book. He’s the light-hearted, take life easy, brother. What does God have in store for him?

Preorder Today: Amazon UKAmazon US; Amazon CAAmazon AU (coming soon to the other stores)

I’m getting really excited as I near the end of the Lincolns’ series, because once each brother has his book I’m going back to the Crystal series. I can’t wait to write new Crystal books 🙂

Soo…have a fabulous weekend, guys. Do lots of reading and have lots of fun 🙂

God bless.

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Out Now: Broken Halo (Saints & Sinners 1)

Morning lovelies,

I hope you had an awesome weekend?

I like to release new books on Mondays, when I can, as I want to brighten up your Monday morning 🙂

Broken Halo is out today!!!

Get your Copy @ Amazon, B&NiBooks, KoboSmashwords

Colby is a bundle of secrets packaged as a drop-dead gorgeous, ‘he belongs on movie screens’ man.

I have every reason to walk away and forget that we ever met:

1. He’s out of my league. 
2. He doesn’t seem to want anything to do with me.
3. I’m engaged. To a pastor, no less.

This feels like a disaster waiting to happen.

But it might be just what I need.

Falling from grace was never Chloe’s plan. Finding his way back to God was never Colby’s.

Could God be trying to get their attention?

Get your Copy @ Amazon, B&NiBooks, KoboSmashwords

I hope you enjoy Broken Halo. The Saints and Sinners series is going to be another pretty epic ride. I hope you’ll jump on board for Chloe’s and Colby’s adventure.

God bless & have a fabulous week.

Dayo xx