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Refiner’s Fire


Wow! I am so glad I’ve finished writing this series. You have no idea. I’m so happy that Lexi is done and dusted and I can start thinking up new characters.

So, what is the point of Refiner’s Fire? Well I’ve tried to portray how past mistakes can have consequences later in life, so that any young people (or older people) that read it will think twice about the decisions that they make. Lexi has to face up to her past, and it ain’t funny. I’ve also woven in (lol) an element of self-sacrifice. Sometimes, there are things in our lives that God wants us to give up. Lexi is holding on to something and God wants her to let go, but she’s struggling with it. Those are the two main points of this book, but of course most people that email me about this series want to know who Lexi ends up with i.e. which of the guys she eventually gets with. Well you finally get to find out in this book. By the way, I just feel I should warn you, this book had to be censored by my husband. It’s my first ‘romance-ish’ book, but I don’t think it’s too mushy. The epilogue is pretty cheesy and I have considered completely changing it, but I think I just need to stop obsessing. Anyway, let me remind you of the contenders for Lexi’s heart (in order of when Lexi met them):

Jace Washington

Heir to the Glacier Hotels and business man in his own right, Jace Washington is suave but still has an edge to him. Lexi has been crazy about him since high school, but he dumped her when he became a Christian. Could he be the one???

Carl Layton

Does Carl do a Lazarus and rise from the dead a changed man, and ready to treat Lexi right if she will marry him a second time? Lol!!!

Dan Black

Heir to the Billion Dollar business that is the Diamond Parlor, Dan Black is wealth and good looks personified. Lexi met him at college in Raw Deal and neither of them were saved at the time. In Red Carpet Lexi found out some shocking things about him. But is he the one???

Kyle Martins

Hip Hop singer Kyle Martins has a Christian background and he is pretty hot stuff. Does Lexi’s appreciation for the way Kyle teamed up with Jace to save her from the S.O.T. make Lexi fall head over heels in love with him? Do they hook up and live happily ever after shooting music videos together and traveling the world?

Frazer Lincoln

You guys have no idea who Frazer is. He’s a new guy that is introduced to Lexi in Refiner’s Fire and he is really sweet. The full package. He’s just not saved. But does he get saved and ask for Lexi’s hand in marriage?

Hmm, what a dilemma. At the end of Red Carpet Jace was engaged to Debbie Morris, and Lexi and Dan were kinda in Limbo. Will Lexi steal Jace away from Debbie or will Jace and Debbie approach her about having a polygamous marriage? Will Dan decide to propose to Lexi in public and cause her untold humiliation or will he tell Lexi that the resurrected Carl is her rightful husband? Will Kyle and Lexi elope in Vegas or will Kyle do something totally unforgivable that will make Lexi hate him forever? I guess you’ll just have to read it to find out…

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She’s a Dana

I know a girl who was the problem child. She wouldn’t do what she was supposed to, and she liked doing what she wasn’t supposed to do. She’s a Dana.

I know a girl who didn’t think the fact that her parents were saved meant she had to be. After all, if they were doctors it didn’t mean she was meant to be a doctor. She’s a Dana too.

I know a girl who wanted to fit in. Even if it meant turning her back on what she knew to be the truth. She’s a Dana.

People often ask me, “are you Dana?” I’m not Dana, but I ‘get’ Dana. Because I’ve been a Dana too.

There are lots of young people who rebel, and lots of them who don’t want what the church has to offer. They’re sick of religion. But guess what? They’re not really sick of God. Most Prodigals still believe in God but think it’s too much hard work, some think it’s impossible. And the truth is that most of us have been there. Most of us have struggled with something about Christianity. Most of us have wondered whether God can really forgive us, or whether we have what it takes to live right consistently. On a certain level, we can all relate to Prodigal young people. To Danas.

Dana represents the young person who loses her way. There are lots of Dana’s. Ok, we might not actually be Dana. But we ‘get’ Dana. Read Dana’s story!