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Sneak Peek of The Model (First 3 Chapters)

I promised to put up the first few chapters of the next Lincoln book, so here they are. Click on the book cover at the end of this blog post and it’ll take you there 🙂

I just read the ending of the book and gave a nice big sigh. I love happy romantic endings. But Ash and Keltie go through a lot of drama before they get there. Here’s the back cover blurb again.

He’s in love. She’s just doing her job.
Or is she?

The first rule of undercover work is not to fall for the guy you’re investigating. The second rule is not to continue working on a case that your boss has taken off you. FBI Special Agent, Keltie Nicolls, has broken both.

After one undercover date with hot new model, Ash Lincoln—a man who is as dangerous as he is attractive—Keltie decides she doesn’t have the strength to withstand his lethal brand of appeal. But backing out is not an option because Ash is like a sleeping lion that she has disturbed. She is his prey. And he seems bent on catching her.

His methods are intense.
His love is passionate.
But his worldview is toxic.

Can she guard her heart or will she be consumed?


I’ll be sending out review copies soon. If you’d like a free review copy email me:

**Click the book cover to read the first 3 Chapters**

November 4, 2016