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Raw Deal FREE on Kindle!!!

Well, I’ve been finding  it pretty unfair that Amazon has been allowing the big publishers to make their authors’ kindle books free, but they haven’t been offering the same service to Indie Authors. Well, now they do, but only if you put your book in KDP Select, and only for 5 days. Well that’s good enough for me. Raw Deal is free for five days so go ahead and download it, if you haven’t already 🙂

So why would any author offer their book for free, after all the HARD WORK!! Yes it’s hard work, and it takes commitment to finish a book, but offering a book free means that people who wouldn’t normally read it, will. Everyone loves a freebie, right? So, potentially it could expand your audience, and maybe even minister to someone who on a normal day would rather die than download a Christian book.

I will keep you posted on any more of my books that might be free in future.

Download Raw Deal (in the UK)

Download Raw Deal (in the US)

Every blessing xx