Six months have flown by

Well my little Rhema will be six months old tomorrow. Really can’t believe it. I remember taking her to church for the first time when she was six weeks old and seeing another baby girl who was six months old. She looked huge next to Rhema and I was comparing them and thinking ‘how on earth is Rhema ever going to get that big?’ Well she is that big now 🙂 She starts eating solids tomorrow. It’s been so exciting doing all the research about what she can eat and drawing up her menu. Her first meal is going to be mashed up rice, she can’t wait!!!

I really do think Rhema is the best thing that has happened to me, apart from my husband of course. I can’t imagine her not being around and to think that she’s actually only been here since January. What a miracle. Well I’m still loving and enjoying my maternity leave. Not at all bored. I’ve been writing lots and doing all the fun things that I like to do.

Anyway, we got our family portraits on saturday. Rhema is not really a ‘cry-er’ but when we got to the photo studio to take the pictures she must not have liked the woman or the studio or something, because she wouldn’t stop crying. My husband had to try every trick in his book to get her to stop crying and smile. It was so funny. I was a bit worried that there might not be any nice shots of her but I was pleasantly surprised:

Mum and dad also managed to get a shot together:

And then all together:

Now to order some photo frames…