Drew Ashley Series

Book Cover for Breaking Point!!!


Finally…my new book has a book cover. I absolutely love it! I think it portrays what kind of book it is as I’ve taken a break from the world of teenage angst and drama, and written a chicklit novel. Personally, I’m not really into Chicklit as a genre as it always seems to be about young women who eat way too much junk food and slug back insane amounts of coffee. I love junk food and coffee but when all a character does for 60% of a book is drink coffee and eat, it gets annoying. I have read some great Chicklit and indeed Christian Chicklit though. Anyway, rant over.

So, this book is called Breaking Point and is about a twenty-something woman, Drew Ashley, who lives in London. It’s Chicklit with a twist because it incorporates a bit of suspense (as some shocking crimes take place) and a little about spiritual gifts (as Drew sees vision). And it wouldn’t be a Dayo Benson book if it didn’t include some sappy romance 🙂 The book is in it’s final round of editing so it should be out soon. Watch this space…