My Love (Wait For You)

I think this poem is absolutely beautiful. The wait is worth it. Enjoy xx


No matter what is said, I wait

I wait for you, my love

I don’t know your name or when we’ll meet

I wait for you, my love

Some will laugh and others scold

Perhaps some understand

Purity is precious and deserving

Of protection from evils of man

And so I wait, day after day

For the appointed time we’ll meet

Until that day, my heart is God’s

Within Him, buried deep

From before the first second of time

God has known you and me

Giving us gifts of integrity and chastity

In temptation, the promise of peace

Let no man stain

What God has washed white

Let no woman break

The fortress of the mind

My love, I do not know you yet

But I pray for you day and night

That your mind will be on things pure

Just, holy and right

Be strong in the Lord

Find rest in His book

Flee from temptation

Don’t take a second look

And as I wait for you

Will you wait for me?

Don’t settle for a little

When His will is everything

Some people think I’m crazy

That I save myself for you

But is it really so bad

To fight for what is true?

My heart is buried deep in God

I wait for you, my love

If you want me, you’ll go to Him

I wait for you, my love

by http://officialkaileymarie.wordpress.com: My Love (Wait For You).