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Cover Reveal: Insurrection (Crystal 3)

InsurrectionOoh, I am loving this cover so much. I got it on Friday and I was so excited, but my weekend was really busy so I’ve only just managed to sit down to blog about it. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday so Saturday was spent getting his present (I need to stop leaving everything ’til the last minute), and I took him out yesterday. He says he enjoyed his day so I feel like I did a good job 🙂

Anyway, so back to Insurrection. It’s about Crystal and her team trying to bring down the SOT. If you’ve read Surrender (Crystal 2) you know who her team is.

I send my books out to a few people before I publish them, and they give me feedback, so I’ve been reviewing their notes on Insurrection. I’m shocked at how much my beta readers like Juda in book 3. Every one of them want Crystal and Juda to be together. I didn’t see that coming, since Juda is what he is and he does some pretty awful things in this book. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I thought people really wouldn’t like him. Here’s the synopsis for Insurrection (Crystal 3):

Crystal has survived eighteen months of trauma at the hands of the SOT. She now has two options: she can either fade into obscurity, or fight. She chooses to fight—along with her team of unlikely alliances. But as their plans come together, doubts are never far away. Can she really trust her team, or will they give up at the first hurdle? And, are they on a suicide mission, or can they really bring down the SOT?

I’m hoping to get it out before the end of the month. If you haven’t subscribed to my new-release list yet, Click Here so that you’ll be notified the minute it’s out.

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Blessings xx