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Out Now: Delirium (Crystal 5)

Hi Everyone,

Delirium (Crystal 5) is out now. Just in case you’ve missed my previous blog posts about it, here’s the book description.

A frantic race against time

A cocktail of dangerous SOT-made drugs has been released into the water supply, and everyone is going nuts…

The SOT’s plans seem to be coming together nicely; while nothing that Crystal’s team is doing seems to work. With the opening of new spirit centers all over the country to ‘combat’ the effect of the contaminated water supply, America is falling prey to the SOT’s agenda. Can Crystal and her team create an antidote before it’s too late?


It’s ten thirty p.m. in the UK, where I live, so although I’d like to say more, I’m just too tired and it’ll probably not make much sense 🙂

Buy the book and have fun reading it.

Have a lovely night (or day, if you live elsewhere).

God bless xx