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Update/Crystal 8.5 Book

jail break2Hi Guys,

I’m really sorry I’ve been so silent since releasing Powerful Enemies. I have a good excuse though: I’ve been working hard on making Legacy (Crystal 9) as good as I can 🙂

When I released Powerful Enemies, I suddenly felt this pressure to make Legacy, the final book of the Crystal series, even more awesome than Powerful Enemies. I started getting feedback about Powerful Enemies the day I released it (some of you guys read so fast!), and the feedback was so good that I did a typical writer thing: I got worried that none of my subsequent books will ever measure up. Ha! We writers are so weird. I absolutely loved the feedback, in fact I was moved by a lot of the emails I received, and I am really happy at the positive reception the book received. In fact, I ended up on my knees thanking God about it all. But, I started thinking that Legacy wasn’t good enough. So I tore it apart and rewrote the whole thing. It was only about 40,000 words, but now it’s about 97,000 words. It’s more than doubled in length.

To be honest the book was seriously lacking. And the crazy thing is, what I added was so obvious, but I didn’t think of it until I started praying about how to take the book to the next level. I hate it when fiction writers say God speaks to them and they write what He says word for word. That might happen to some people, but I’d feel really presumptuous to say that. So, I ain’t saying that at all. But I am saying I get totally awesome ideas when I pray. I love that that happens to me 🙂

(Random info: my 2-year-old daughter, Esther, is singing ‘mummy finger, mummy finger where are you?’ at the top of her voice right now. I think she deliberately picks moments when I’m trying to concentrate on something, lol. My own fault for trying to write a blog post at 8pm. She’s so adorable).

Anyway, I’m so excited for you guys to read Legacy. I’ve had it back from my beta readers so it’s going to my editor next week. I still can’t give a date for when it’ll be out because it just depends on how long my editor takes. Sometimes she has a lot going on and it takes her a little longer than usual.

So, how about I give you a little adventure to read while you wait for Legacy?

I’ve had a few readers email me about whether there’ll be an 8.5 book and I said no. But I’ve changed my mind now. I cut out a whole chunk of stuff from the beginning of Legacy because I thought it made the opening too long. So, guess what? I jazzed up the bits I cut out and I’m going to release it as an 8.5 book. In fact, I’ve already published it but it’s not live anywhere yet (apart from who are super-efficient). I’ll email my mailing list once it goes live (that will probably be tomorrow morning – UK time).

Crystal 8.5 is called Jailbreak. Here’s the synopsis:

Crystal never imagined that marrying Juda would make her a target for practitioners who want him to return to the occult, or that she would be given an ultimatum to leave him or die. Kidnapped from an airport, she must come up with a plan to escape.

Jailed for crimes his father forced him to commit, Juda Lincoln is not in a good place. The last thing he needs, the weekend before his trial begins, is practitioners attempting to break him out of jail. Will anybody believe he had nothing to do with it? And will Crystal stand by him now that the whole world knows who he is and hates him?

I’ve had such a blast writing about the Crystal series, but at the moment I’m cleansing my palate with some sweet romance. I’ve been editing Pressure–remember Pressure? The Pure Passion Series book that I never released? Anyway, I’m actually enjoying it. No practitioners, no supernatural stuff, just a guy and a girl falling in love and learning to trust God with their baggage. Not that I don’t love Crystal & Juda, and Alejandro & Max etc. But it’s nice to work on something less ‘serious’ and ‘intense’. More about Pressure another time 🙂

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God bless.