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Sneak Peek – The Bet

Further to my previous post, The Bet (The Dare 2) is also coming out March 16th.

**I have attached sample chapters just after the preorder links :-)**

In book 1, The Dare, Sloane found out that her mom was having an affair and it became her excuse to go off the rails. In this book you get her mom’s point of view about the whole situation and her dad’s too. And Sloane learns some big life lessons.

Lottie Golding

Sloane’s mom is ambitious and highly driven. In The Bet you get answers to why she was always so hard on Sloane and why she had an affair.

Kurt Golding

Sloane’s dad’s POV was pretty hard to write. I wanted to take out some of the thoughts he had and some of the things he does to deal with the failure of his marriage, but he’s a man who feels like he has lost everything so his thoughts and actions had to be realistic.

Sloane and Marshal

Image result for relationship quotes about breaking upHe’s still chasing and she’s still running. With all that’s going on, Sloane just can’t be in a relationship. She’s battling tough decisions, and after her decision is made she must battle with whether she made the right choice. On top of all this she has her college finals and Miss USA coming up.

Other key players:

Jacob Wright – Sloane meets him at her new job at the governor’s office. After all that has happened with Marshal maybe there’s no hope for them. Maybe she needs to start over with another guy.

Eli Aaronson, Marshal’s dad – He’s a womanizing marriage-wrecker who thinks he can do whatever he likes and get away with it. Is he ever going to get what’s coming to him?

Isaac Aaronson, Marshal’s uncle – bitterness towards Eli has festered in his heart for years, especially when Eli does nothing to help his fifteen-year-old daughter Christy who is dying of cancer. He’s close to cracking.

Here’s the synopsis:

If your mom was having an affair would you tell your dad?

My mom is supposed to be the perfect Christian, but she’s a hypocrite, and it’s eating me up inside. Is staying quiet about it the right thing to do, or is my silence consent? Her disappearance is tearing my dad apart. He deserves to know that the woman he’s so worried about is a liar and a cheat. But do I have the guts to tell him?

Watching Sloane’s life unravel isn’t easy. And it makes it even harder for me to stay away from her despite her saying we’re over. We don’t have to be defined by our parents’ mistakes, but Sloane seems to be on autopilot on the highway to self-destruction. And I don’t know how to help her.

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Read a sample: The Bet – Sample

Coming out 16 March 2017.