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Out Now: The Bet & The Record Boss

They’re out guys!!!
2 New Releases: The Bet & The Record Boss 🙂
I’ve sent out my email alerts to everyone on my mailing list and asked which book they’re going to read first. So far most people have said The Bet. Which one will you read first?
The Bet
The sin of a leader is a leading sin, and there’s no more important leader than a parent. What will Sloane do about her mom’s secret?
Get your copy of The Bet now at: Amazon UKAmazon USB&NiTunesKoboSmashwords.
The Record Boss
Nigel Lincoln is trying to protect Andie Rose from powerful people who want her dead. But how do you help someone who thinks she can help herself? And how do you love someone who continually drives you crazy?
Get your copy of The Record Boss now at: Amazon UKAmazon USB&NiTunesKoboSmashwords.
Whichever one you choose to read first I hope you enjoy them both 🙂
God bless.