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Hudson’s Secret is Revealed – Out Now: Torn (Paradise Lost 5)

Hi guys,

Hudson’s secret is revealed today in Torn (Paradise Lost 5) 😮 😂 😀

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Hudson confesses all to Katie, but will it be enough? His confession might be too little too late. Even worse, it might scare Katie away. Especially now that she has other options. Devin Lake, a superstar singer who wants to help Katie with her dance career, is moving in on her, and Katie finds herself at the center of a love triangle that she never bargained for.

From the Back Cover

Hudson: “I want to tell you why I do this job.”

Everything Hudson is doing to hold on to Katie is failing woefully. And with another man in the picture, luring her away, he realizes that he will have to do something drastic if he wants to keep her. He will have to lay himself bare and tell her the secret he’s been holding back. But what if it scares her away like it did the last girl he told?

Devin: “If you want to be with me, you’ll have to get rid of him.”

Those were Devin’s words to Katie back in Vegas, and he hasn’t changed his mind. It should be an easy choice. Devin is offering dance bookings and a superstar lifestyle, while it seems Hudson is offering nothing but drama and heartbreak.

Katie: “Color me confused…”

She loves one man, but needs the other.

Both men want her to choose. But how does she choose between the bad boy her heart longs for and a megastar who seems too good to be true?

Katie is well and truly torn.

Being at the center of a love triangle is no fun. Hudson is fighting dirty, but Devin knows how to get what he wants. Will he get Katie?

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