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Pre-order ‘Hooked’/Easter Video

Happy Easter Everyone 🙂

Whatever you have planned I hope you’re having a blast. Me and my family have been attending an Easter retreat at my church. Two full days (10am to 6.30pm) on Friday and Saturday, and just a morning session today. It’s been a time of deep reflection for me. 1 cross + 3 nails = 4Given.

Just before I pop off to church, I figured I should send you guys a video (in which I reflect on some of the events in the Easter story), and also a book update I’ve been meaning to send all week (after church all I’ll want to do is have lunch and relax 🙂 )


As I was reading the book of Matthew last month it hit me that:

  • Peter and Judas were both warned by Jesus, they both reacted to Jesus’ warning in the wrong way, and they both fell…but things ultimately turned out very differently for them. How do you react after an epic failure?
  • Jesus’ detractors said they would believe in Him if He would come down from the cross and save Himself. Well, He did more than come down from the cross. He resurrected. How about that!
  • The women of the Easter story are amazing. I give them a shout out near the end of the video.

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Book Update

Hooked is releasing on Monday 9 April (just a week away!!!). It’s available for preorder on Amazon. Click HERE to preorder. Like I said a few weeks back on Facebook, it’s a serial. I feel like I should stress that fact so that nobody is surprised when they read it, lol. I’ve wanted to write serial fiction for years. It’s basically a story told in ‘episodes’ like a TV drama, so they tend to be shorter than a full-length novel. The whole serial is called Paradise Lost, and Hooked is installment 1.

Paradise Lost is about two messed up preachers kids, and Hooked is basically the story of how they meet. I’m a preacher’s kid myself and had a time of being borderline messed up, ha ha, but no, Paradise Lost is not in anyway autobiographical. No, seriously, it isn’t, lol.

The series is very edgy. ‘Edgy’ is code for it goes where most Christian fiction doesn’t 🙂 I feel called to write for a particular kind of reader and I picture that reader when I write. This is ‘normal’ fiction though. Not my usual supernatural, spiritual warfare stuff. I find I need to write non-supernatural stuff alongside the heavy supernatural stuff, as I find it a welcome break.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Two messed up preacher’s kids. One reckless decision. Zero chance of survival.

Katie Clarke has been disillusioned with God and religion for years—ever since her father, a small-town preacher, fell from grace. But meeting Hudson, the son of a famous mega preacher, makes her wonder whether Hudson will be the tool God uses to restore her faith. However, she soon discovers that he is even more messed up than she is.

A decision Katie should never have made lands her in a shocking situation with Hudson that gives her some insight into just how damaged he is. She can see the pain, but she doesn’t know what has caused it. More importantly, she doesn’t know whether, by sticking around, they will help to heal each other or just feed off each other’s pain.

Hudson is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Adonis but there is darkness beneath his beauty.

And his warning to her ‘get away from me before I taint you’ rings loudly in her ears.

Is she already too intrigued to save herself from him?

A story of brokenness, healing, and God’s mercy.

Preorder now on Amazon

So that’s my update. I might blog about the main characters of the series over the coming week. If not, you’ll just meet them in the book.

God bless & Happy Easter once again.

I’m off to my retreat xx