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New Book!!! Blurred Vision

bv3I am pleased to announce that the second, and last,¬†installment¬†of Drew Ashley’s story is now available. It’s called Blurred Vision. Let me know what you think when you’ve read it.

I’m so excited to have completed another project. Writing about Drew has been so different from other main characters I have written about. I feel that Drew has been the most ‘normal’ of the bunch although she’s not really all that normal with her ability to see visions. Dana was very rebellious and Lexi was very resistant to God. I guess Drew’s defining traits are her female empowerment views and her ambitious personality.

Drew grows a lot in this book. You get to find out what happens with Kale (does she forgive him after the Gordon incident???), Harvey (does she like him or not???), and Drew’s friendship with Jazz (do they make up or hate each other forever???). You also get to find out who killed Travis. If you work out ‘whodunit’ before it’s revealed I want to know, lol.

Hope you enjoy reading Drew’s story xx

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