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Cover Reveal – The Lincoln Manifesto

the lincoln manifesto.jpgI’m excited to announce that The Lincoln Manifesto is the next book I’ll be releasing. It’s in the dressing room having final preparations made before the show 🙂 It can’t wait to be presented to the world 🙂 🙂 🙂

Release Date: Monday 26th September!!!

I’m so pleased with the cover. I was breathing down my husband’s neck while he was designing it, being a total pest. We’re going with this greyed-out theme and bright title font for this series, which will be called The Lincolns.

About The Lincolns

Each of Luke’s sons (Juda’s and Zeke’s half brothers) will get their own book. This series is different from the Crystal series in that they’re mainly romances rather than action books, although some have a little action in them. they’ll be standalones, so you don’t really have to read one before you can read another. And of course they have some supernatural stuff thrown in. However, I don’t want to have to write from a practitioner’s point of view for so many books so I’m gonna make a bunch of them get saved in one fell swoop so that they’re already Christians by the time I get around to their books. But in book 1, The Lincoln Manifesto, none of them are saved. Imagine the havoc? 12 young men running riot fighting over women and learning lessons about brotherhood, loyalty and God. I’ve written the first three books and they’ve been a blast.

My husband designed the cool series logo. the lincolns logo.png

About The Lincoln Manifesto

Spiritual Stuff:

There has been revival in the nation after the downfall of Luke and Yelissa and the acts of God that the nation witnessed. But not everybody is happy about this. Jared Lincoln wants to be at the forefront of getting the nation back to its spiritually dead state. He lays out his plans at the end of the book.

Romance Stuff:

Remember how in Legacy, Saul told Juda that he was helping him because Jared is engaged to a girl he likes? Well, the Lincoln Manifesto is all about that.

Other Stuff:

The book covers the events of Jailbreak and Legacy but from the POV of Luke’s children. It was pretty tough deciding what to include because I didn’t want to have too many spoilers in it in case people read it before reading the Crystal series. So you hear about Juda’s trial and all the havoc Yelissa is wreaking but a lot of things are left out. Crystal, Pastor Dan and Tom (the FBI chief) have appearances, which was cool to write.

The Lincoln Manifesto is a prequel to the whole series. It introduces you to the brothers and shows you how they all come by the jobs they have when you read their individual books. The Lincoln Manifesto is told from the POV of Jared Lincoln (the eldest), Saul Lincoln (the fifth son) and Ivy, the chick who’s caught in between them. And I had to throw in some angels (or messengers as practitioners call them, lol).

After this book, you only get the POV of one brother at a time and his love interest (i love the term ‘love interest’ hee hee). I thought it’d be tricky balancing 3 POVs for this book, but it was okay. The story flowed out in 3 weeks.

The next book in the series will be called: Toxic

The book after that will be called: Poison 🙂

I can’t wait for you to meet the Lincoln boys. You already know that Jared is bad news after he helped Abha kidnap Crystal in Wedding Kidnap (Crystal 7.5) and then became a red robe in Legacy (Crystal 9). But most of the other brothers aren’t as uptight as he is. In fact, after seeing how Luke fell and watching Juda and so many other practitioners get saved, some are very open to getting saved themselves.

Pinterest Board

I’ve started my Pinterest Board for the series, but there are only a 11 pins on it so far. Check it out HERE.

Other Projects

For those of you who don’t want books with supernatural stuff and practitioners, I’m releasing a trilogy called The Dare Series before the end of the year. I just got in touch with an editor to get started on the edits. But more about that another time 😀

God bless xx