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Back Cover Blurb: The Lincoln Manifesto

the-lincoln-manifestoI just hit publish on The Lincoln Manifesto. Yay!!! It’ll be out on Monday (26th September). It should even be available for pre-order at Amazon soon. Maybe even today 🙂 Anyway, I have those horrible butterflies I get every time I publish a book. This is my 25th book, I think. Shouldn’t I have stopped getting butterflies now? It’s not a nice feeling :-S

Anyway, I just realized I haven’t posted the back cover blurb anywhere for you guys to read, so here it is:

Ivy was born to marry a powerful practitioner. Saul is that powerful practitioner’s brother. Their love is forbidden.

Every year at the Choosing Ceremony, powerful practitioners gather to select a partner. Twenty-two-year-old Ivy Coates was born to be selected. The lifestyle that comes with such a destiny is one of restriction and confinement. As the Choosing Ceremony approaches, Ivy decides to take one night to live her life, have fun, and act her age. But when she shows up for what should be a harmless barbecue at a friend’s mansion, she runs into Saul Lincoln, the hot bad boy that made her restless with her life from the day she started college four years ago, and who persuaded her to do something that she shouldn’t have.

When Jared selects Ivy at the Choosing Ceremony, Saul knows he should let her go. Ivy knows that too. She now belongs to Jared. Maybe she could even fall in love with him if he wasn’t such a control-freak, if he didn’t abandon her for days at a time…and if Saul didn’t exist.

Then, Saul decides he wants her heart and comes up with a reckless plan. Ivy has always lived by the stringent rules that guide her life. Would she dare to run away with Saul?
It would bring shame upon the organizers of the Choosing Ceremony.
It would mean a lifetime of hiding
If she is ever caught, it would mean death.

Is Saul worth the risk?


I’m excited about this series because I truly believe that anybody can be redeemed. Nobody is beyond redemption. I really hope you enjoy it 🙂

God bless.