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Out Now: Sin City (Paradise Lost 3)

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Happy Monday to you!

I announced on my social media sites that I’ll be releasing Sin City (Paradise Lost 3) today. I’m really happy with all the awesome feedback I got from many of you about the first two books. I hope you’ll enjoy this one 🙂

Get your copy of Sin City (Paradise Lost 3) HERE.

Once again, it’s available only on Amazon. However, I have a way around this for those of you who don’t use Amazon. Email me (

From the Back Cover:

Having Hudson accompany me to Las Vegas seemed like a good idea at the time…

The place is called Sin City for a reason, and Hudson is up to all kinds of mischief. Katie soon can’t tell whether she’s his client or his chaperone.

Then someone who knows about Hudson’s past gives Katie a disturbing warning. Even more disturbing is Hudson’s reaction when he finds out.

Hudson has secrets—closet skeletons that he will beat up another guy to protect. But why is he so adamant about keeping his secrets under wraps if he’s not interested in a relationship with Katie, anyway?

It takes another man to make some dudes see what’s right in front of them…

Katie has no idea how Hudson truly feels about her until a man who is way out of her league steps onto the scene. Suddenly, Hudson is full of promises to change his ways and get help for his issues.

Just when Katie thinks the stars are aligning for her and Hudson, a shocking piece of news seems to spook him and lands them back at square one. But maybe she no longer cares, because her life has just been plunged into a whole new level of tragic!

Download now to find out what happens in the third installment of this gripping Christian coming of age serial about two preacher’s kids who have lost their way.

Get your copy of Sin City (Paradise Lost 3) HERE.

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Lincolns Series Update

I’m still working on The Innovator, Saul’s book. I’ve been a little distracted by Paradise Lost, but I think I needed the breather from writing supernatural, practitioner stuff. I’m planning to give The Innovator more attention now. Thanks for your patience 🙂

God bless xx